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Tagged: HHS Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program

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Read more about Modernizing our Public Health Surveillance Systems
Disease surveillance is the foundation of public health practice providing essential data to inform decision making and respond to health threats.
Read more about Purchasing Services from a Crowdsourcing Platform
Crowdsourcing is the process of soliciting ideas, products or services from the 'crowd,' or those external to your organization and its normal suppliers.
Read more about Are Federal Health Initiatives on FHIR?
FHIR has caught the imagination and attention of developers across the Healthcare world by offering a developer-friendly Application Programming Interface (API) and a rich set of simple, but flexible standard data formats.
Read more about Trusting Health APIs
As Health goes digital it is essential that we bring trust with us into the digital world. One of the big challenges is to do this without the trust process becoming either intrusive or limiting.
Read more about Promoting Dignity, Through Data Accuracy, For The Dead
All information captured on death certificates - such as race, gender, and marital status - matters.
Read more about How We Die Matters: Improving Cause-of-Death Data
Mortality data serve multiple purposes and provide one of the best available sources to gain knowledge about health at the population level. Throughout history, inquiries into causes of death have led to profound changes in cultural norms and practices to protect people and save lives.
Read more about Looking for a Few Great Entrepreneurs-in-Residence: Apply Now!
The HHS Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR) program, powered by the HHS IDEA Lab, is looking for talented outside experts to work at HHS on a paid, term appointment for about a year.
Read more about "Innovating for the Underserved" Business Plan Challenge
Aetna Foundation, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the National Health IT Collaborative (NHIT) are working in partnership to leverage IT innovations to reduce disparities in health among underserved and minority communities.
Read more about Innovative Procurement for Design Services in Government
As part of our EIR project, we selected three grantees to help us test design thinking's utility as a creative problem solving approach for organizations providing social services.


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