Work/Life Balance

One of the biggest challenges facing employees today is balancing personal and work responsibilities. Finding ways to manage childcare, elder care, retirement planning, and more on top of other pressing obligations is not always easy.

"Without your service, I would have agonized over finding day care for my infant and I probably would not have gone back to work!"
- Federal Employee

Federal Occupational Health's work/life balance program, WorkLife4You, helps employees and their family members better manage their personal and professional lives. Our program offers 24-hour access to specialists in their field (childcare, elder care, education, etc.) who provide expert guidance, specialized information, and personalized referrals to assist with any work/life issues, including:

Beyond the support available through the call center, WorkLife4You is also accessible 24 hours a day via a customized, user-friendly website offering robust content about work/life balance topics, interactive tools (including webinars, calculators, discussion groups, etc.), and other features that help employees find needed support and balance for their hectic lives.

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