Department of Health and Human Services: Artificial Intelligence Use Cases Inventory

Executive Order 13960, “Promoting the Use of Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence in the Federal Government,” requires agencies to prepare an inventory of non-classified and non-sensitive current and planned Artificial Intelligence (AI) use cases. Agencies must share their inventories with the public and other agencies, to the extent practicable. The HHS Office of the Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (OCAIO) has created an inventory of HHS AI use cases that not only satisfies the executive order requirements, but also increases awareness of and cross-agency collaboration on AI initiatives. Below, we highlight some AI use cases as well as provide the complete inventory.

The executive order also outlines nine principles that agencies must follow when designing, developing, acquiring, and using AI in the federal government. OCAIO created the Trustworthy AI (TAI) Playbook to help divisions meet this requirement. Trustworthy AI refers to the design, development, acquisition, and use of AI in a manner that fosters public trust and confidence while protecting privacy, civil rights, civil liberties, and American values, consistent with applicable laws. The playbook consolidates the executive order principles into six trustworthy AI principles while reflecting the latest Department perspective on their adoption.

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