HHS PMAP Implementation Guidance

Effective Date: 11/09/2022

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W. Robert Leavitt, Deputy Assistant Secretary for
Human Resources and Chief Human Capital Officer

A.  Purpose.

This guidance is provided to establish an implementation timeline for HHS Instruction 430-1, The HHS Performance Management Appraisal Program.

B.  Coverage.

This guidance covers all Operating and Staff Divisions with employees subject to the HHS Instruction 430-1, Performance Management Appraisal Program.

C.  References.

  1. HHS Instruction 430-1, Performance Management Appraisal Program, January 1, 2021
  2. HHS Form 704B, Employee Performance Plan

D. Responsibilities.

  1. HHS Assistant Secretary for Administration, Office of Human Resources (OHR):
    1. Develops Department-wide human resources guidance and policy consistent with HHS and OPM policy, procedures and all applicable federal laws and regulations.
    2. Periodically reviews Operating Division and Staff Division (OpDiv/StaffDiv) procedures, actions, and reports to ensure conformance with HHS and OPM policy and guidance, and all applicable federal laws and regulations.
  2. OpDiv Human Resources Offices (HROs):
    1. Comply with this guidance, HHS Instruction 430-1, and applicable federal laws and regulations.

E.  Procedures.

  1. Implementing HHS 430-1
    1. The HHS Instruction 430-1, Performance Management Appraisal Program, was updated and signed November 09, 2022, with an implementation date of February 1, 2023.
    2. Operating and Staff Divisions have until February 1, 2023, to update electronic performance management tools to reflect the updates to HHS Instruction 430-1.
    3. HHS Employees may remain on the HHS Instruction 430-1 in place prior to the updates associated with this implementation guidance until necessary labor management obligations have been completed, but no later than February 1, 2023.

F.  Guidance Information

Owned by: Office of Human Resources, Human Capital Programs Division
Effective date: 11/09/2022
Contact Information: OSPMAP@hhs.gov

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