FedResponse Contact Center

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PSC provides contact center support for all federal agencies through toll-free numbers, email, interactive voice response, and self-service web portals.

Services for all federal agencies include:

  • Toll-free calling using the FedResponse Contact Center number, or a customer chosen toll-free number
  • Fully staffed Contact Center with multi-language support available
  • 24/7 self-service web portal for customers to search the same vast knowledge base used by our Contact Center staff
  • Interactive voice response system routing for incoming calls and unattended services including voice mail, special announcements, and pre-recorded messages
  • Email support with trouble-ticket capability featuring immediate email acknowledgments, predefined email templates for auto-responses, and ability to redirect emails to the Contact Center automatically from any source
  • Weekly and monthly executive and operational reports summarizing performance metrics and analyses of call and email patterns
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys for callers through the telephone keypad
  • Systematic approach to preserving program knowledge, developing competencies, and tracking trends
  • Benchmarking against other contract and industry standards
  • Secure environment compliance monitoring for systems and personnel
  • Rapid setup time with the ability to stand up new agencies/programs within 8 to 12 weeks

Self-Service Web Portals

PSC offers our customers self-service web portals through ServiceNow for the following services:

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