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Program Support Center (PSC) Transportation Services provides transportation and travel shared services to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), minimizing the public burden of federal agency business administration costs and enabling HHS agencies to devote their resources to performing their core missions and reaching their critical objectives.


Transit Benefit Program Management

PSC’s Transit Benefit Program offers Federal Government employees a monthly transit benefit used for daily commutes between an employee’s primary residence and work location using a qualified means of transportation.

Travel and Transportation Program Management

PSC leads the Department’s strategic management of all matters in the scope of travel and transportation in support of the Agency Senior Travel Official’s leadership and execution of Executive Order 13589.

Charge Card Program Management

PSC leads the Department’s management of the Government contractor bank-issued financial instruments used to pay for travel and transportation expenses including Individually Billed Account travel charge cards and centrally billed accounts.

Fleet Operations

PSC provides day-to-day fleet operations services, as well as a variety of other travel and transportation-related services ranging from fleet management, driver services, electric vehicle charging, and fleet charge card management.


Access to self-service toolkits and jobs aids, which include information, guidance, and FAQs related to PSC Transportation Services.

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Lori Ruderman
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Manny Van Pelt
Business Manager, and Department Travel Program Manager
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Hilleary Topercer
Program Manager, Transportation Services
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Gary Boykin
Property Management Specialist
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