Assistant Secretary for Administration (ASA)

The Assistant Secretary for Administration provides leadership for HHS departmental administration, including human resource policy, information technology, and departmental operations. The ASA also serves as the operating division head for the HHS Office of the Secretary.

About ASA

Learn about the mission and leadership of ASA, including biographies of ASA’s leadership team.

EEP, Diversity & Inclusion (EEODI)

Find out about the laws, regulations, directives, and policies that prohibit discrimination. Locate EEO offices.

Office of Business Management & Transformation (OBMT)

Learn how OBMT improves business practices within HHS and provides consulting services. Also, find more on the FAIR Act Inventory.

Office of Human Resources (OHR)

Start a career with HHS. Find HR resources for current and prospective employees, prospective employees, and HR professionals. Browse through the HR Library for more information.

Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO)

OCIO leads the enterprise information technology infrastructure for HHS. Learn more about what they do.

Program Support Center (PSC)

PSC is a shared service provider that helps organizations meet their needs. Learn more about how they can help your needs.

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