Grants Management Quality Services Management Office

HHS is the designated agency for the Grants Management Quality Service Management Office (QSMO) to transform government-wide grants management end-to-end. Created by the Office of Management and Budget in Memorandum M-19-16, Centralized Mission Support Capabilities for the Federal Government, QSMOs are tasked with offering and managing a marketplace of systems and service solutions to improve customer satisfaction, automate processes, modernize technology, standardize data and related processes, and achieve efficiencies in time and money related to the grant management life cycle.

The transformation of grants management is anchored by the Grants QSMO 2030 Vision to empower and enable applicants, recipients, and federal awarding agencies to efficiently and effectively deliver on mission. This vision is reinforced by three pillars; to ease burden and drive efficiencies; respond to customer needs; and leverage data as a strategic asset.

Grants management centers on a government-to-citizen interaction that is core to the delivery of an agency's mission. In fiscal year 2020, the federal response to COVID-19 increased government-wide grant funding from $750 billion to over $2 trillion through supplemental funding, in addition to other federal financial assistance payments and loans.

Despite recent progress to standardize business processes, data and adopt shared solutions, there remain significant opportunities for the Grants QSMO to improve the user experience and service quality for applicants, recipients, and agencies; streamline and modernize the expansive and aging grants system landscape; and better leverage the buying power of the government to access high quality shared solutions and reduce costs.

The Grants QSMO will address the end-to-end grants management needs through three key roles:

Market Coordinator

Solutions Manager

Community Builder

Execute the responsibilities of the QSMO as outlined in OMB memo M-19-16, including establishment of the grants management solutions marketplace. Bring grants systems and services to the marketplace and oversee operations for QSMO-approved solutions Establish and foster a community of practice to encourage sharing of best practices and learning across agencies

Please contact us for more information or questions about the Grants QSMO. View more information about the Human Resources, Financial Management and Cyber QSMOs.

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