HHS Grants Information

The HHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives does not administer grants from our office. However, we can provide resources to connect faith-based and community organizations to grant information.

Announcements about upcoming grants and resources can be found at the websites of other HHS departments and federal agencies. To review federal grant opportunities and see which grants may be promising for your faith-based or neighborhood organization, visit www.Grants.gov.

We also provide a current listing of grant opportunities that are of interest to faith-based and community organizations in our weekly newsletter. View our current newsletters.

How to Apply for Federal Grants

General Technical Assistance

  • The Grants Learning Center is your gateway to the federal grants world. Participate in our growing communities on Blog.Grants.gov and Twitter (@grantsdotgov exit disclaimer icon).
  • Information about HHS Grants - HHS is the largest grant-making agency in the United States. On this site you will find information for prospective and current grantees about HHS grant programs, the grant application processes, and grant management.
  • Resource Center in the Office of Minority Health offers a variety of information resources, from access to online document collections to database searches to customized responses to requests for information and assistance.

Tips on Applying

  • Always contact the official listed in the request for application or program announcement with questions about a specific grant.
  • Grants.gov Applicant Resources – There are several tools and documents available.
  • The Foundation Center exit disclaimer icon offers a large selection of training for organizations seeking assistance with all steps of the grant seeking process.
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