Mission of the Office of the Regional Director (ORD)


The Office of the Regional Director is under the leadership and direction of the Regional Director. As an Administration appointee, the Regional Director serves as the personal representative of the Secretary in direct official dealings with State and local governmental organizations.

Responsibilities include:

  •  Establishing and maintaining effective relationships with Governors, Mayors, county officials, and other key State and local officials, and to furnish advice and assistance while striving to develop a mutually beneficial Federal-State-local partnership;
  • Promoting a central focus in the Region for Departmental relations with Congressional delegations and individual Members of Congress;
  • Promoting a general public understanding of the programs, policies, and objectives of the Department, while participating in developing and carrying out a region-wide public information program;
  • Serving as coordinator, facilitator, and expeditor in solving cross-cutting issues to assure effective, efficient, and responsible actions in the interest of total service to the public;
  • Advising the Secretary on the potential effect of proposed Department action, whether on legislation, regulation, or administrative decisions; and
  • Providing input into policy decisions and strategy regarding the concerns and interests of State and local governments as derived from their key officials.
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