Regional Health Priorities

The theme of OPHS is: Healthy People in Healthy Communities through Public Health and Science. OPHS is focussing its efforts on six health priorities:

  • Assure a healthy start for every child;
  • Promote personal responsibility for healthy lifestyles and behaviors;
  • Eliminate racial disparities in health status and health care access and quality;
  • Enhance mental health prevention, treatment, and outcomes;
  • Increase awareness of and attention to global health concerns and their effects on the American people; and
  • Lead the national response to the health consequences of bioterrorism and promote the safety and availability of the blood supply.

OPHS will achieve success with these six priorities by employing four cross-cutting strategies:

  • Strengthen the science base for decision making by fosteriing research integrity, demonstration projects, and evaluations;
  • Improve the policies, programs and practices required to achieve priority objectives;
  • Increase the number of effective networks, coalitionsk and partnerships addressing priority objectives; and
  • Improve communications with various audiences to increase awareness and understanding of the major health problems confronting Americans.
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