Research Waiver Request Requirements (Supplement A)

All applications must contain a signature and phone number from the institution's immigration officer. Transmittal packages from legal counsel should contain no paraphrasing of applicant's submission or exhibits.

The information outlined below, in the order listed, is required for all applications:

  1. Detailed description of the program or activity in which the exchange visitor is engaged, including factual evidence of the way in which the program or activity serves the national or international public interest.
  2. Evidence of the exchange visitor's essential value to the program, and specific information describing the exchange visitor's role and unique capabilities to contribute to the program over a long period of time.
  3. Information about the current personnel engaged in the program, and how the exchange visitor's expertise relates to those individuals.
  4. Evidence of at least two means of recruitment dated no older than 18 months from the dates the waiver application is submitted that indicates the applying institution made genuine efforts to recruit for the exchange visitor's position and was unable to find a suitable candidate.
    • Clearly demonstrate a suitable replacement for the exchange visitor cannot be found through recruitment or any other means, and the position cannot be filled by any individual who is not subject to the foreign residence requirement.
    • Provide copies of recruitment advertisements placed in nationally circulated journals, or online career/job boards associated with a nationally circulated journal, or on USAJOBS, with specific information provided as to the results (including why the candidates were not qualified). Salary level should be advertised showing a range at a fair market rate.
    • Include additional information such as placement on organizations website, Internet recruitment and letters to colleagues in the field.
  5. Description of the probable future of the program if the waiver is not granted, including specific evidence showing how the loss of the exchange visitor's services would seriously restrain the initiation, continuation, completion, or success of the program or activity.
  6. Description of the applicant institution's long-range plans for the exchange visitor, and how the exchange visitor will contribute to future activities while he or she is employed.
  7. Information concerning the exchange visitor's qualifications, including evidence of special accomplishments and external letters of recommendation.
  8. The exchange visitor's curriculum vitae, bibliography and copies of abstracts for the exchange visitor's most recent relevant publications, copies of all Forms IAP-66 and/or DS-2019 and current visa status materials. Please do not include copies of any presentations.
  9. Any other relevant facts for consideration.

For questions regarding Research Waiver Requirements: Supplement A please contact Heber Willis, Executive Secretary at [email protected] or (202) 691-2073.

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