HHS Global Strategy

As individual nations confront challenges to their population’s health, safety and well-being, we are seeing an important truth: No country can operate in isolation. Health concerns of the 21st century don’t stop at national borders, and as we strengthen the well-being of communities in our own countries, we must also seek global solutions.

Our mission at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is to provide all Americans with the building blocks for healthy and productive lives. This goal requires us to recognize both the threats and the opportunities that have emerged in our increasingly interconnected world. The global health community is witnessing unprecedented changes in the patterns of human health, disease, and longevity that demand deepening our engagement with one another to address their causes and consequences.

The HHS Global Strategy will guide our actions to advance scientific knowledge and innovation, strengthen partnerships and systems for health and human services, anticipate and adapt to changing global health and demographic patterns, and position our expertise to advance diplomacy and improve global health outcomes. Through this work, we will strengthen the health of our nation and the world.


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