BPHC/SPD Diabetes Tool Kit: #Support_Di-A-B-Ts (Deliberate Actions Before Treatment)

Improving health centers’ performance around diabetes care

Executive Summary

This project targets a public health issue and employs effective strategies as well as leverages resources to support health centers and patients. More than 27 million Americans access and rely on health centers for care. As such, this project entails the development of a toolkit that will address health center performance. Through development and proper use of this tool, action steps can be taken to support health center programing, increase productivity of the health workforce, and utilize collected data to reduce prevalence of disease across the country. This project will promote the use of technology to collaborate with stakeholders, and improve the overall quality of care in the underserved communities. The project will aid in improving outcomes of the targeted clinical measure (Diabetes) and will effectively use technology to improve performance monitoring.

Team Members

Melanie Brinkley (team lead), HRSA
Kendra Williams, HRSA
Lori Butler-Harris, HRSA
Kim Willard-Jenks, HRSA
Kimberly Price-Evans, HRSA
Valerie Darden, HRSA


October 2018: Project selected into the HHS Ignite Accelerator
June 2019: Time in Accelerator Began
September 2019: Time in Accelerator Ended