Electronic Signature Capture and Data Transfer

Improving patient care with automation

Executive Summary

The HHS Indian Health Service’s (IHS) Phoenix Indian Medical Center (PIMC) has over 1,000 patient visits daily. Many of these patients need to complete insurance verification and multiple signatures are needed for treatment and billing. In the past, paper forms were printed, verified by the patient or amended, and signed by the patient. The forms were then transported to medical records for scanning. This process is cumbersome, inefficient, and slow.

In an effort to improve efficiency and the care of the patient, PIMC has adopted an electronic signature pad to capture patient signatures electronically. The result will be a decrease in printed paper forms, improved efficiency of transfer of records, improved care of the patient, and decreased cost to the medical center.

The goal of the project will be to complete the implementation at PIMC and generalize the solution by developing software that can help automate the process at other medical centers and institutions across Federal agencies that need an electronic signature capture solution.

A project supported by the: HHS Secretary's Ventures Fund

Team Members

Giang Phan, (Project Lead), IHS
Camlesh Nirmul, IHS
Darrin I’atala, IHS


March 2017: Project received support from the HHS Secretary's Ventures Fund

Project Sponsor

Deanna Dick, Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Indian Medical Center, Indian Health Service, HHS