Project Blackbox

Measuring Performance of Patient Matching Algorithms

Executive Summary

Patient matching (also called record linkage, entity resolutions, data matching) is a process of connecting a patient to their health care records located in disparate health care systems. Patient matching has been noted as one key barrier to achieving interoperability of electronic health care records. Health Information Management Society and Systems (HIMSS), the Office of the Chief Technology Officer at HHS (HHS IDEA Lab) and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) have worked on the issue of patient matching for several years. In order to help bring focus and innovation to the problem, HIMSS decided to sponsor an Innovator-in-Residence (IIR) to work with both the HHS IDEA Lab and ONC to tackle patient matching.

A project supported by the: HHS Innovator-in-Residence Program

Team Members

Adam Culbertson


September 2014: Innovator-in-Residence Project begins
November 2016: Innovator-in-Residence Project is completed

Project Sponsor

Healthcare Information and Management System Society (HIMSS)

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