Educational Resources for Institutional Officials

OHRP created this list of resources to help IRB members learn about and succeed in their role in protecting research subjects.

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The videos below cover material that is particularly relevant to IRB members

OHRP Reporting Requirements
IRB Records, Parts I and II
When the Assurance Comes A Knockin': OHRP's FWA and IRB Registration Process
When the Feds Come A Knockin': How to Prepare for an OHRP Compliance Evaluation of Your Program

More videos can be found on OHRP’s Online Education page:

Find OHRP guidance

Review commonly used guidance for Institutional Officials

• Assurance Process FAQs:
• IRB Registration Process FAQs:
• Compliance Oversight Procedures for Evaluating Institutions (2009):
• Guidance on Reporting Incidents to OHRP (2011):
• Determining When Institutions are Engaged in Research (2009):
• Extending an FWA to Cover Collaborating Investigators (2005):
• Institutional Review Board Written Procedures: Guidance for Institutions and IRBs (2018):
• Minutes of Institutional Review Board Meetings Guidance for Institutions and IRBs (2017):
• Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks and Adverse Events Guidance (2007) at:


Please also review relevant materials on the Revised Common Rule at:

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