Listing of Social-Behavioral Research Standards

Following is a summary of 27 social-behavioral research standards from around the world. The standards were developed in 18 countries and by one international organization. The standards are organized by continent, and then arranged alphabetically by country name.

The information is presented in two tables: Table 1: Description and Table 2: Analysis. Each standard is numbered from 1 to 27:

Table 1: The Description is organized into the following columns:

  • Title, year, and URL link
  • Description/summary of the standard

Table 2: The Analysis contains the following information:

  • Title
  • Length in pages
  • Free-standing, or subsumed as part of larger document
  • Primary purpose:
    • Prescriptive
    • Educational
  • Legal status
    • Law
    • Regulation
    • Guideline
  • Broad or specific topic focus
  • Focus of specific topic (if applicable):
    • Anthropology
    • Internet
    • Observational research
    • Qualitative research
  • Addresses humanities (history, languages, etc.)
  • Exempt or expedited review allowed
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