Archive Schedule

The Archive Schedule provides guidance for standard categories of archive-designated material.  It is a living document and will be modified/expanded as experience dictates.

This standard retention schedule can be extended after demonstration by the content owner that older content is regularly and routinely accessed by the public. Note that while the HHS Website Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) calls for content to be reviewed annually, content can be re-evaluated at any time within the one-year timeframe as warranted.

Type of Content Timeline for Move to Archive*
Administration specific Change of Administration
Advisory Committee material FACA Standard (3 years)
Agendas Do not archive
Announcements Do not archive
Appeals, legal (of HHS decisions) Standard Schedule*
Blogs When retired
Brochures Do not archive
Budget, financial, and performance documents Standard Schedule*
Content, Program When superseded
Funding & announcements When next cycle occurs
Grant Applications When next cycle occurs
Guidance When superseded
Health Emergency Sites One year after closure
Incident Related Sites One year after closure
News releases Standard Schedule*
Meeting Announcements Do not archive
Mini-sites When retired
Natural Disaster Sites One year after closure
Policies When superseded
Plans When superseded
Presentations Do not archive
Regulations When superseded
Reports to Congress Standard Schedule*
Reports, Research, Studies Standard Schedule*
Resigning Officials (political) Upon retirement (blogs, speeches, videos)
Speeches Change of Administration Or Standard Schedule (whichever is earlier)*
Testimony Change of Administration Or Standard Schedule (whichever is earlier)*
Training Announcements Do not archive
Websites When retired

* The standard retention schedule for dated reference materials is to archive annually, retaining two full years on the live site. For example, 2018 news releases should be archived in January 2021, keeping at least two full years and no more than three years of content available.

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