HHS Logo, Seal and Symbol Policies

For questions or additional information about the HHS logo and seal, please contact SCPHelpDesk@hhs.gov.

Logo Use and Colors

HHS Logo

The logo is for official use of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Approved uses are:

  • Printing purposes (pamphlets, posters, flyers, booklets, periodicals, etc.).
  • Exhibits and other public affairs-related materials.
  • On HHS and Operating Division business cards

The logo cannot be used


The logo should never be reduced to a size of less than 5/8 inch in diameter.

Logo Colors

The official colors of the Departmental logo are either Black or HHS Blue.

HHS Blue RGB Numbers:& 24/83/148 (R24, G83, B148)

  • Single-Color Reproduction
    • The logo may appear in HHS Blue or in Black. If special circumstances require the use of a different color, only full, deep colors are acceptable. No partial colors or screen tints are allowed.
    • Sufficient contrast should be maintained between the logo and the field on which it is reproduced. White is the preferred field when surprinting or overprinting the logo.
  • Two-Color Reproduction
    • Two- or multi-color reproduction of the logo is not permitted.

Seal Use and Colors

HHS Seal
HHS seal, blue and gold

Use the HHS seal for:

  • Department flag
  • Squeeze or mechanical seals (notary-type seals for true copies)
  • Podium emblems when the Secretary speaks
  • Inspector’s credentials (FDA, OIG, etc.)
  • ID cards and building passes
  • Beneficiary entitlement cards (i.e., Medicare Cards)
  • Forms
  • Awards (service pins, cuff links, plaques, etc.)
  • Citations and certificates
  • Signs on Regional and field facilities, and HHS office doors
  • Formal invitations from the Secretary
  • Parking permits and stickers

The seal cannot be used:


The seal should never be reduced to a size of less than 5/8 inch in diameter.

Seal Colors

The official colors of the Departmental Seal are Reflex Blue and Gold.

Reflex Blue RGB Numbers: 0/0/153 (R0, G0, B153)

Reflex Gold RGB Numbers: 254/252/1 (R254, G252, B1)

  • Single-Color Reproduction
    The seal may appear in Reflex Blue or Black.
  • Two-Color Reproduction
    The seal appears in Gold on a circular field of Reflex Blue.
    Background color: White or Off-white

HHS Symbol

The symbol is the key element in Department identification. The symbol represents the American People sheltered in the wing of the American Eagle, suggesting the Department’s concern and responsibility for the welfare of the people.

This symbol is the visual link which connects the graphic communications of all components and programs of the Department. It is the major design component for the Department Identifiers - the Department Logo, Seal, and Signatures.

The symbol can never be altered and must always be positioned with the eagle facing left.

It should never be reduced to a size of less than 1/4 inch in height.

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