FedStrive is provided by Federal Occupational Health (FOH) to support federal employees on their health and wellness journey.


Agencies can select from a variety of service package options, including:

FedStrive Webinars

The FedStrive Webinar Series includes a live weekly “Take Twenty Tuesday” desk stretch session and a weekly Friday “Meditation Series”. Additionally, a live interactive Health Education webinar is offered each month covering a variety of health topics such as fitness, nutrition, sleep, and reaching wellness goals.

FedStrive Wellness Portal and Wellness Profile

The FedStrive Wellness Portal is an online hub for all things health and wellness. The Wellness Portal can be accessed via the Android app, iOS app, desktop, or mobile device. Some of the more popular portal features include exercise and food trackers, a health information library, recipe library, and the ability to form alliances with coworkers to create support for each other.
To gain access to the FedStrive Wellness Portal, participants will be prompted to complete a Wellness Profile during the account creation process, and again every 365 days. The Wellness Profile is a survey of your health and lifestyle, and helps you determine your current health status, your readiness for change, and the impact of your lifestyle on your prospects for a long and healthy life.

FedStrive Virtual Wellness Challenges and Achievement Programs

FedStrive Wellness Challenges and Achievement Programs are offered quarterly on the Wellness Portal, with virtual opportunities to track or improve wellness goals such as minutes of physical activity or number of walking steps.

FedStrive Monthly Newsletter

The FedStrive Newsletter is sent via GovDelivery each month and includes information about the monthly health and wellness theme as well as registration information and links to all current virtual programs. This provides an easy way for agency leads to forward program information to their eligible federal employees.

FedStrive Onsite Health Clinics

FedStrive clinical services include preventative and emergency care. Federal employees of participating agencies/locations can receive services from any FOH FedStrive Health Clinic.

Contact FOH

If you have questions about agency/location participation or eligibility in FedStrive, please email FedStriveSupport@foh.hhs.gov.

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