Charge Card Program Management

PSC Transportation Services is responsible for program management of the financial instruments associated with travel and transportation, fleet, and employee transit benefits.   Purchase cards are the responsibility of the Office of Acquisition Management, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources. 

GO!cardSM Transit Benefit Charge Card

Image of a sample of the PSC GO!card

PSC’s GO!card℠ is the primary tool through which transit benefits are distributed to eligible federal employees who use public transportation to commute between their home and workplace.   PSC manages the GO!card℠ charge card program and distributes the GO!card℠ to individual commuters to utilize their monthly transit benefit.

HHS and Non-HHS federal employees can access GO!card℠ frequently asked questions and general guidance related to Transit Benefit Programs in the Transit Benefit Program toolkit.

Fleet Charge Cards

PSC manages a program supporting the use of credit cards for Government-owned and leased fleet vehicles. 

  • Card program administration support
  • System access
  • Troubleshooting card transactions, billing, controls and access
  • Basic reporting and oversight
  • National policy setting, consultation, and interpretation
  • Basic cardholder training
  • Task order maintenance

Individually Billed Account (IBA) Travel Charge Cards

See the Travel and Transportation Program page for more information about IBA travel charge card program management.

Centrally Billed Accounts for Common Carrier Transportation

Centrally billed accounts are available to HHS Operating Divisions to pay for common carrier transportation consistent with the Federal Travel Regulation when necessary.  PSC coordinates the setup of centrally billed accounts and oversees the use of the accounts through program management activities.

Contact Us

PSC Contacts

Lori Ruderman
Senior Advisor
(301) 492-4794

Manny Van Pelt
Business Manager, and Department Travel Program Manager
(385) 285-7476

Contacts for Operating and Staff Divisions

Administration for Children and Families (ACF)
Travel Card: 202-205-4642
Alt. Travel Card: 202-401-5367
Lead FATA: 202-205-4642
Alt. Lead FATA: 202-401-5367
Alt. Lead FATA: 202-401-4797

Administration for Community Living (ACL)
Travel Card: 202-357-3418
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 202-357-3418
Budget Lead: 202-357-3418

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Travel Card: 301-427-1219
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 301-427-1219
Budget Lead: 301-427-1771

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Travel Card: 678-475-4510
Travel Payment: 678-475-4510
Lead FATA: 404-639-7500
Budget Lead: 678-475-4510

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
Travel Card: 410-786-1872
Lead FATA: 410-786-6067
Budget Lead: 410-786-2860

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Travel Card: 240-402-0168
Travel Payment: 301-796-6731
Lead FATA: 240-402-0143
Lead FATA: 301-796-8795
Lead FATA: 870-543-7043
Budget Lead: 240-402-0143

Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Travel Card: 301-443-0201
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 301-443-0201
Budget Lead: 301-443-0884

Indian Health Service (IHS)
Travel Card: 301-443-1270
Lead FATA: 301-443-1270

National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Travel Card: 301-435-3023
Travel Payment: 301-451-0004
Lead FATA: 301-451-0004

Office of Inspector General (OIG)
Travel Card: 202-619-2675
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 202-619-2675

Office of Public Health Service (OPHS)
Travel Card: 202-260-8868
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 202-205-7853
Budget Lead: 202-260-8868

HHS Office of the Secretary (OS)
Travel Card: 202-260-6673
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 202-260-6673

Program Support Center (PSC)
Travel Card: 301-492-4843
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 301-619-3046
Budget Lead: 301-492-4916

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA)
Travel Card: 240-276-1756
Travel Payment: 301-443-3011
Lead FATA: 240-276-1756
Budget Lead: 240-276-1756

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