Immediate Office of the Secretary (IOS)

The Immediate Office of the Secretary is responsible for operations and coordination of the work of the Secretary.

Office of the Deputy Secretary (DS)

The Deputy Secretary is responsible for the operations of the largest civilian department in the federal government.

Office of the Chief of Staff (COS)

The Chief of Staff is a senior advisor to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Office of the Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing the regulation and policy process and providing direct support to the Secretary in administering policies and operations across the Department as well as for leading the Immediate Office of the Secretary.

Secretary's Counselors

The Counselors to the Secretary provide expert advice to the Secretary on the Department’s program and policy goals; evaluate existing programs and policies and the implications of proposed changes to those programs and policies; and implement initiatives across the Department on behalf of the Secretary.

The Executive Secretariat (ES)

The Executive Secretariat manages the Department's policy review and decision-making processes, coordinating the development, clearance, and submission of all policy documents for the Secretary's review and approval.

Office of National Security (ONS)

The Office of National Security (ONS) manages Department-wide programs and provides oversight, policy direction, standards, and performance assessments in the areas of intelligence, counterintelligence, insider threat, cyber threat intelligence, information security, national personnel security, homeland security, and the safeguarding of classified information.

Office of Scheduling and Advance

The Office of Scheduling and Advance coordinates the travel itineraries for the Secretary, plans events around the country and world, manages the Secretary’s schedule, and works with various stakeholders to support official events, including the White House, federal agencies, state and local governments, and media entities.

Office of the White House Liaison

The HHS Office of the White House Liaison provides executive level advice and consultation guidance to the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and senior-level Department officials on policy and operational matters related to Presidential/Senate, Senior Executive Service (non-career), and Schedule C appointments throughout the Department; as well as oversees the Department’s Secretarial and Presidential advisory committees, boards, commissions, councils, task forces & initiatives; including directing the vetting and appointment process for appointing individuals to these Boards and Commissions.

The Office of Business Operations

As led by the IOS Executive Officer, the mission of the Office of Business Operations is to provide executive resources, customer service, and the full range of operations management to the Immediate Office of the Secretary, including responsibility for acquisitions, budgeting, contract management, human resources, space management, travel support, etc.

IOS Organization Chart

  • Secretary
    • Deputy Secretary
      • Office of the Deputy Secretary
      • Office of National Security
    • Chief of Staff
    • Deputy Chief of Staff
    • Counselors and Advisors to the Secretary
    • Executive Secretariat
    • Office of Business Operations
    • Office of Scheduling and Advance
    • Office of the White House Liaison
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