How to apply to HHS as a recent graduate

If you recently graduated from a qualifying educational institution or program, or are within 9 months of completing your education, there are entry-level career opportunities available under the Pathways Recent Graduates Program at HHS.  As a recent graduate, you may be appointed up to the Grade 12 (or equivalent grade level), depending on your qualifications.

Additional information about the Pathways programs including current job opportunities can be found on USAJOBS.


  • Recent graduates who have completed, within the previous two years, a qualifying associates, bachelors, masters, professional, doctorate, vocational or technical degree or certificate from a qualifying educational institution

  • Veterans unable to apply within two years of receiving their degree, due to military service obligation, have as much as six years after degree completion to apply

Training and Development

  • Pathways Programs Orientation
  • Mentorship throughout the program
  • Individual Development Plan to create and track Recent Graduates' career planning, professional development, and training activities
  • At least 40 hours of formal, interactive training each year of the program
  • Rotational assignments (1-6 months)
  • Recent Graduate positions offer opportunity for career advancement

After Program Completion

  • Recent Graduates  are converted to a permanent career position (or, in some limited circumstances, a term appointment lasting 1-4 years)
  • To be eligible for conversion, recent graduates must have:
    • Successfully completed at least 1-year of continuous service and all program requirements
    • Demonstrated successful job performance
    • Meet the qualifications for the position to which the Recent Graduate will be converted

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