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HHS and its agencies provide a wide range of positions for scientists to explore their research specialties. Making the switch to the federal government from academia can be a very rewarding career path that starts in the lab environment and ends in global health advances.

Epidemiology Studies at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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I work as an Epidemiologist as part of FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research safety team. We work to ensure that FDA-approved medications are safe for the public. In addition to assessing newly published literature on FDA-regulated products and giving input on sponsor submissions, together with the team, I take a lead in conducting safety assessments of drugs covered by my team using FDA's Sentinel Initiative. Sentinel is an active surveillance monitoring system for medical products that uses linked administrative and insurance claims databases. Sentinel helps us to investigate safety questions about the products FDA regulates after they are on the market.

It’s exciting to be on the frontlines of exploring this powerful tool and helping to identify safety issues of interest to FDA and critical to the public. It’s really interesting to get the results from our queries and to help interpret the data we get back.

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