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HHS and its agencies provide opportunities for a wide range of individuals with diverse professional backgrounds. These roles not only support leadership at HHS, but specialists also create a foundation on which advances in medicine and human services are built.

Clinical and Preventative Services at the Indian Health Service (IHS)

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I had two major influences that steered me towards a career with the Indian Health Service. First, I am a second generation engineer officer in the U.S. Public Health Service and Indian Health Service. My father had a 30-year career with the IHS Office of Environmental Health and Engineering program. I was also fortunate enough to have received the IHS Health Professions Scholarship. I am a member of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and take great pride in being able to serve American Indian and Alaska Native people.

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Ready to start your career in the field, lab, or office at HHS or its agencies? Learn more about what positions are currently available at home and abroad.

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HHS and its agencies provide a global workforce through a variety of roles. Scientists and human services professionals are on the front lines of global health by living and working in critical sites around the world.

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HHS and its agencies provide a wide range of positions for scientists to explore their research specialties. Making the switch to the federal government from academia can be a very rewarding career path that starts in the lab environment and ends in global health advances.

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