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Policy Topic: Lobbying

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Policy Topic: Federal Funding Transparency Act (FFATA) / Sub-Award Reporting

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Policy Topic: HHS Efficient Spending Policy

  • HHS Policy on Promoting Efficient Spending (January 23, 2015): Use of Appropriated Funds for Conferences and Meetings, Food, Promotional Items, and Printing and Publications
    • Attachment 1: HHS Policy on Use of Appropriated Funds for Conferences and Meeting Space (January 23, 2015)
      • Exhibit 1: Conference Spending Provisions of the HHS Appropriations Act
      • Exhibit 2: List of Meetings and Events that are Not Conferences
      • Exhibit 3: Conference Expenses and Reporting Requirements
    • Attachment 2: HHS Policy on Use of Appropriated Funds for Food
    • Attachment 3: HHS Policy on Use of Appropriated Funds for Promotional Items
    • Attachment 4: HHS Policy on Printing and Publications

Policy Topic: Objective Grant Review

HHS Policy Guidance

  • HHS Grants Policy Statement (Page I 29) – Applications under discretionary grant programs, whether received in response to a funding opportunity announcement, solicited from a single source, or received as unsolicited requests for funding, are subject to objective review. Objective review is an advisory review of discretionary grant applications conducted by a minimum of three unbiased reviewers with expertise in the programmatic area for which applications are submitted (I-30, PG. 44).

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