Office of the Secretary (OS) Accessibility Program

Our Mission

The program's mission is to instill the use of accessibility standards and practices. The result is innovative information and communications technology (ICT) being accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

The program's vision fosters a culture that creates accessible ICT. Supporting inclusion and diversity among all agency users. Through the steady and repeated use of standards in business processes.

Our Values

  1. Inspire users to boost skills by educating, consulting, and partnering.
  2. Foster accessible foundations to avoid recoding and reduce life cycle costs.
  3. Propel accessibility by adapting to the traits of emerging ICT.

About the Program

The program offers resources to measure Section 508 and accessibility standards. A summary of the available services include:

  • Convey the importance of including conformance in ICT. Example areas of interest are: 
    • Acquisitions, 
    • Content development, and 
    • Business operation processes
  • Measure conformance of OS procured, developed, funded, maintained, or used ICT
  • Supply training courses, guidance, and sessions
  • Assist with the acquisition life cycle
  • Approve deferrals and exceptions
  • Consult on complaints
  • Represent OS on governance boards and at federal or interagency activities

Contact the OS Accessibility Program

Direct feedback about the Department or OS to the OS Accessibility Program.

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