FY 2021 Annual Performance Plan and Report

Fiscal Year 2021
Released March, 2020

The Annual Performance Report provides information on HHS's progress toward achieving the goals and objectives described in the HHS Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. This document is organized around the goals and objectives contained in the FY 2018 – 2022 HHS Strategic Plan. The information shown here reflects the most recent results available at the end of FY 2019 for HHS representative measures. Additional information on the Goals and Objectives can be found in the Strategic Plan.

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FY 2021 Annual Performance Plan and Report Data Validation Table

FY 2021 Changes in Performance Measures Table

Table of Contents

Message from the HHS Performance Improvement Officer


Annual Performance Plan and Report

Goal 1

Goal 2

Goal 3

Goal 4

Goal 5

Evidence Building Efforts

Cross-Government Collaborations

Regulatory Reform

Major Management Priorities

Lower-Priority Program Activities

Changed Performance Goals

Data Sources and Validation

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