Accessibility @ HHS

HHS’ Role in Accessibility

Everyone must receive the same (or comparable) access to information and services. Everyone at HHS is accountable and responsible for accessibility conformance.

The accessibility field comprises many technologies, standards, and guidelines. All federal government agencies must abide by Section 508 law. Section 508 is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The location of the law is section 29 USC 794d, as amended. Information and communications technology (ICT) are systems and documents the government uses daily. The law guarantees people with disabilities equal access to and use of ICT. The use of information technology has increased. More laws mandate constant access to government information. A need exists for strong, effective action to ensure compliance across the agency.

The agency acts and applies accessibility by:

  • Issuing agency standards, policies, guidelines, and criteria
  • Creating techniques for acquisitions, training, evaluations, and other areas
  • Making material available on the HHS intranet and internet
  • Taking part in the Federal Chief Information Officer Council Community of Interest (CIOC)
  • Collecting data for the General Services Administration (GSA) Section 508 Maturity Metrics
  • Responding to federal accessibility mandates on behalf of the agency
  • Representing the agency at federal or interagency activities

Contact the OS Accessibility Program

Direct feedback about the Department or OS to the OS Accessibility Program.

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