FY 2016 Annual Performance Plan and Report - Table of Contents

Fiscal Year 2016

Released February, 2015


The Annual Performance Report provides information on HHS’s progress toward achieving the goals and objectives described in the HHS Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. This section is organized around the goals and objectives contained in the FY 2014 – 2018 HHS Strategic Plan. The information shown here reflects the most recent results available at the end of FY 2014 for HHS representative measures. The Goals and Objectives can be found in the Strategic Plan.

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Topics in this report:


Cross-Agency Priority Goals

Strategic Goals Overview

Management Objectives and Priorities

Performance Management

HHS Priority Goals

HHS Priority Goals Progress Summary FY 2014-2015

Annual Performance Plan and Report

Goal 1, Objective A: Make coverage more secure for those who have insurance, and extend affordable coverage to the uninsured

Goal 1, Objective B: Improve healthcare quality and patient safety

Goal 1, Objective C: Emphasize primary and preventive care, linked with community prevention services

Goal 1, Objective D: Reduce the growth of healthcare costs while promoting high-value, effective care

Goal 1, Objective E: Ensure access to quality, culturally competent care, including long-term services and supports, for vulnerable populations

Goal 1, Objective F: Improve health care and population health through the meaningful use of health information technology

Goal 2, Objective A: Accelerate the process of scientific discovery to improve health

Goal 2, Objective B: Foster and apply innovative solutions to health, public health, and human services challenges

Goal 2, Objective C: Advance the regulatory sciences to enhance food safety, improve medical product development, and support tobacco regulation

Goal 2, Objective D: Increase our understanding of what works in public health and human services practice

Goal 2, Objective E: Improve laboratory, surveillance, and epidemiology capacity

Goal 3, Objective A: Promote the safety, well-being, resilience and healthy development of children and youth

Goal 3, Objective B: Promote economic and social well-being for individuals, families, and communities

Goal 3, Objective C: Improve the accessibility and quality of supportive services for people with disabilities and older adults

Goal 3, Objective D: Promote prevention and wellness across the lifespan

Goal 3, Objective E: Reduce the occurrence of infectious diseases

Goal 3, Objective F: Protect Americans’ health and safety during emergencies, and foster resilience to withstand and respond to emergencies

Goal 4, Objective A: Strengthen program integrity and responsible stewardship by reducing improper payments, fighting fraud, and integrating financial, performance, and risk management

Goal 4, Objective B: Enhance access to and use of data to improve HHS programs and support improvements in the health and well-being of the American people

Goal 4, Objective C: Invest in the HHS workforce to help meet America’s health and human service needs

Goal 4, Objective D: Improve HHS environmental, energy, and economic performance to promote sustainability

Evaluation and Research

HHS OIG FY 2014 Top Management and Performance Challenges

Cross-Agency Collaborations

GAO High Risk Items

Lower-Priority Program Activities

Changes in Performance Measures

Data Sources and Validation

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