OHR Divisions

Immediate Office

The Immediate Office of the Assistant Secretary for Human Resources is responsible for managing the employee life cycle (i.e., recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and managing employees) and administering employee benefits.

Human Resources Operations

Human Resources Operations oversees four groups: HR Operations Division; Staffing, Recruitment, and Operations Center; Employee/Labor Relations Division; and Executive Resources Division. Human Resources Operations is also responsible for administering and managing some Human Capital Programs.

Human Resources Systems

Human Resources Systems oversees five groups: HR Systems Technical Operations; Customer Care Services/Payroll (CCS); HR Systems EHCM Functional Operations; HR Modernization; HR Systems; and CyberSecurity.

Human Capital Operations

Human Capital Operations oversees four groups: Data Analytics; Human Capital Programs; Executive Talent Management; and the Strategic Initiatives Group.

Policy and Accountability Division

Policy & Accountability Division (PAD) services HHS OpDiv/StaffDiv HR Center staff and oversees two areas: 1) HHS Human Capital Accountability Program, and 2) HHS HR policy for Delegated Examining, Merit Promotion, Excepted Service, Classification, Compensation, Leave, RIF, and VERA/VSIP. PAD also reviews/submits HR Center requests for OPM approval.

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