Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA)

ASPA serves as the Secretary's principal counsel on public affairs. The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs conducts national public affairs programs, provides centralized leadership and guidance for public affairs activities within HHS' Staff and Operating Divisions and regional offices, manages the Department’s digital communications, and administers the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts. The Division leads the planning, development, and implementation of emergency incident communications strategies and activities for the Department. The ASPA reports directly to the HHS Secretary.


Learn about the teams and divisions that support public affairs efforts of three primary issue areas: public health, human services, and health care.

Office Leadership

View a listing of HHS Public Affairs Office Leadership, including their contact information.


The HHS newsroom is a gateway to the Department's latest news releases, statements, fact sheets, speeches and op-eds.


The Freedom of Information Act is a federal statute that allows individuals to request access to federal agency records.

Digital Communications

Visit, our resource for employees and contractors who are responsible for building and maintaining the Department's digital presence.

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