Immediate Office of the Secretary (IOS)

The Immediate Office of the Secretary is responsible for operations and coordination of the work of the Secretary.

Office of the Deputy Secretary (DS)

The Deputy Secretary is responsible for the operations of the largest civilian department in the federal government.

Office of the Chief of Staff (COS)

Secretary's Counselors

The Executive Secretariat (ES)

The Executive Secretariat manages the Department's policy review and decision-making processes, coordinating the development, clearance, and submission of all policy documents for the Secretary's review and approval.

Office of Health Reform

The Office of Health Reform helps guide and oversee the implementation of the healthcare legislation and policy.

Office of the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Office of the CTO harnesses the power of data, technology, and innovation to create a more modern and effective government that works to improve the health of the nation.

Office of National Security (ONS)

The Office of National Security (ONS) manages Department-wide programs and provides oversight, policy direction, standards, and performance assessments in the areas of intelligence, counterintelligence, insider threat, cyber threat intelligence, information security, national personnel security, homeland security, and the safeguarding of classified information.

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