FY 2017 Annual Performance Plan and Report - Evidence Building Efforts

Fiscal Year 2017
Released February, 2016


Evidence Building Efforts

As part of the HHS mission to provide health and human services to the nation, the Department is committed to continuously improving on the delivery of those services.  That goal is accomplished through the evaluation of HHS programs to examine the performance of those programs in achieving their intended objectives.  An important component of the HHS evaluation function is communicating the findings and recommendations of completed evaluation studies.  The Department produces a Performance Improvement Report, available at http://aspe.hhs.gov/evaluation/performance/, to make available to its stakeholders and the public summaries of evaluation studies recently completed and others in progress.  The Department organizes evaluations by the strategic goals and objectives of the most current HHS Strategic Plan.

Throughout this Plan, narrative sections under strategic goals and objectives describe how evaluations contributed to the strategic directions the Department has chosen to improve health and human services outcomes for the populations it serves.  In addition, strategies related to conducting research and evaluations, and applying that knowledge to programs and other efforts, are included throughout the Plan.

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