FY 2019 Annual Performance Plan and Report - Major Management Priorities and Challenges

Fiscal Year 2019
Released April, 2018

Major Management Priorities and Challenges

According to OMB Circular A-11, an agency’s APP/R must include a section on major management priorities and challenges, to describe management and programmatic issues and risks or areas that have greater vulnerability to waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement where a failure to perform could seriously affect the agency’s mission delivery and ability to achieve its goals. The OIG has identified ten top management and performance challenges facing the Department as it strives to fulfill its mission. The OIG notes that challenges can arise in the Department’s responsibilities and functions, sound fiscal management; efforts to strengthen these functions are described in Strategic Objective 5.1: Ensure Responsible Financial Management. The Department’s efforts to ensure sound fiscal management are ongoing. A description of the challenge and actions taken towards progress can be found on pages 71-79 of this report.

The Office of the Inspector General reports annually on HHS Top Management and Performance Challenges. The OIG report for FY 2017 can be found at: https://oig.hhs.gov/reports-and-publications/top-challenges/2017/. The HHS response to these OIG-identified challenges can be found at: https://www.hhs.gov/about/agencies/asfr/finance/financial-policy-library/agency-financial-reports/index.html.

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