Office of Inspector General (OIG)

Operating plan for FY 20161

Dollars in Millions

Activities, Public Health, Human Services, and Department-wide Issues Oversight (PHHS)2 FY2015
Discretionary Budget Authority (BA)3 72.500 76.500
Medicare and Medicaid Oversight from Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Account (HCFAC)    
HCFAC Mandatory BA4 186.066 187.617
HCFAC Discretionary BA 67.200 67.200
Subtotal HCFAC5 253.766 254.817
Total Discretionary BA 139.700 143.700
Total Mandatory BA 186.066 187.617
Total Budget Authority 325.766 331.317


1 Table excludes estimates for HCFAC collections. Table also excludes non‐HCFAC reimbursable funding. In FY 2015, OIG obligated $16 million in non‐HCFAC reimbursable funding. The estimate for FY 2016 is $21 million. This estimate includes funds from section 6201 of the Affordable Care Act for OIG

2 PHHS oversight includes oversight of programs authorized in Title I of the ACA, including Health Insurance Marketplaces.

3 In FY 2015 and FY 2016, OIG’s Discretionary BA includes $1.5 million, transferred from the Food and Drug Administration, consistent with the

4 In the FY 2016 Enacted column, the amount displayed reflects a sequestration reduction of $13.7 million taken at the HCFAC account level at the non‐

5 OIG’s HCFAC funding is drawn from the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund (sec. 1817(k)(3) of the Social Security Act) and is requested and provided through the CMS budget.

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