Is there some way to find out if one hospital is better than another one?

Hospital Compare is designed to help consumers, patients, their loved ones to make better healthcare decisions. The information on the Web site should be used to:

  • Talk to your doctor and other health care providers about the quality of care at hospitals. Some hospitals have more experience or better results treating certain conditions or performing certain procedures. Ask your doctor or health care provider which hospital has the best care and results for your condition. Ask why he or she prefers to use that hospital.
  • If your physician is referring you for surgery, ask how well the hospital performs your kind of surgery, as well as about the surgeon who may work with you, and how many surgeries they perform each year. Your physician will want you to be confident about all of your health care decisions.
  • Talk to your doctor or health care provider about other patients' experiences with the hospital. Some hospitals survey their patients in regards to hospital satisfaction. Try to get as much information as you are able about what other patients think of the care at the hospital.
  • Look at the hospital information on this Web site, as well as other quality information and talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you have.
  • Ask family or friends about their hospital experiences. Look on the Web site for the Hospital Checklist. It can help you ask important questions.
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