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The Tick-Borne Disease Working Group has 14 voting members—seven public members and seven federal members—who represent diverse professional roles and perspectives pertaining to tick-borne diseases.  Meetings are conducted by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Working Group. These individuals were selected from the voting members and appointed by the HHS Secretary.

All public members are appointed by the HHS Secretary. They represent medical providers with experience diagnosing and treating tick-borne diseases; scientists/researchers with relevant expertise; patients and their family members; and nonprofit organizations that advocate for patients affected tick-borne diseases.

Federal members are appointed by their respective offices or agencies. Five of the federal members are from the Department of Health and Human Services. They represent the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; the Food and Drug Administration; the National Institutes of Health; and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health. The two remaining federal members represent the Department of Defense and the Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President.

Efforts of the Working Group are managed and supported by a Designated Federal Officer (DFO) from the Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy, within the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health. Responsibilities of the DFO include ensuring efficient operations and compliance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act and other applicable laws and regulations; approving meeting agendas; and maintaining required records.  The DFO also attends each meeting or arranges for a designee to attend.

For more information on the duties, member requirements and other details of the Working Group, please refer to the Charter.

21st Century Cure Act

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