The HHS Data Science CoLab

Making data work for HHS.

Reimagine Data: Massive amounts of data are being collected every day. As the Department of Health and Human Services, we must work to unlock the full potential of the data we receive.

A Collaborative Community: The Data Science CoLab aims to build a community of HHS employees as skilled data scientists who continuously learn from experts and from each other.

Learning Cohorts: Our learning cohorts bring in experts from the data science field to lead an eight-week intensive educational program. Participants will gain hands-on data science skills to use to address real problems in the HHS.

The CoLab Cycle: CoLab members will engage in a cycle of receiving high quality education, solving real problems, and helping others solve theirs. We believe learning never ends and the best way to learn is to do.

Blog Posts and Ways to Learn More

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Do Data Science Every Day

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From Python to R, here's everything you'll be learning in the classes.


We promise you don't need to learn a query language to get these answers.
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