Office of the Secretary (OS) Accessibility Program

Our Mission

The mission of the OS Accessibility Program is to deliver effective health and human services by providing innovative solutions to implement standards and practices where everyone is accountable for accessible ICT.

Our Vision

The OS Accessibility Program's vision transparently enriches the availability of health and human services to the community and our stakeholders through high-quality, efficient customer interactions and supports a culture that inherits accessibility alongside emerging ICT.

Our Values

  1. Facilitate a culture that empowers customers to become self-sufficient through education, consultation, and partnerships with OpDivs, StaffDivs, and the greater accessibility community.
  2. Foster the implementation of accessible foundations by evaluating ICT conformance to avoid refactoring and minimize the cost throughout a lifecycle.
  3. Focus on driving accessibility forward by adapting to the growing and changing needs of emerging ICT.

About the Program

The OS Accessibility Program provides the Office of the Secretary (OS) and HHS Staff Divisions (StaffDivs) with resources to fulfill requirements of the Section 508 standards and accessibility needs.  A summary of the available services are:

  • Guidance to HHS and OS communities and processes to ensure ICT appropriately includes accessibility measures. Communities include, but are not limited to, acquisition, authority to operate (ATO) process, EPLC, capital planning and investment controls (CPIC), and business operations processes.
  • Determination of accessibility conformance of ICT in which OS procures, develops, maintains, or uses, to be deployed or published
  • Help Desk support for the evaluation and reporting of OS-owned and managed ICT accessibility compliance
  • Accessibility training courses, references, and sessions
  • Acquisition language insertion assistance and review
  • Exception and complaint consultation
  • Represents OS on the HHS Section 508 Operations Board
  • Represents OS at federal or interagency activities related to Section 508.

Contact the OS Accessibility Program

Feedback and inquiries regarding accessibility and Section 508 pertaining to the Department or OS can be directed to the HHS Accessibility Help Desk. Requests for training or conformance evaluation are encouraged. 

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