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Workload Information and Statistics

Between fiscal years 2012 and 2017, the number of requests for hearing filed with OMHA increased significantly. This increase outpaced OMHA's adjudication capacity (the number of decisions our adjudicators can issue in a year) and has resulted in delays for most appellants. OMHA remains committed to processing requests for hearing in the order received as quickly as possible given pending requests and adjudicatory resources. In addition, we continue to process Part D prescription drug denial cases that qualify for expedited status within 10 days and screen all incoming requests to ensure Medicare beneficiary issues are prioritized given they often present emergent circumstances that must be promptly addressed. Beneficiary requests for hearing submitted to the "Beneficiary Mail Stop" are entered into the OMHA case tracking system ("docketed") upon receipt.

In all other circumstances, you (or your representative) will receive an Acknowledgement Letter after your request is entered into the OMHA case tracking system. Non-beneficiary requests for hearing are entered into the OMHA case tracking system on average within one week after receipt. (Requests with missing information take additional time.) After the request is entered into the OMHA case tracking system it may take up to an additional week to display in OMHA's ALJ Appeal Status Information System (AASIS). To check on the status of your appeal, you may access AASIS at http://aasis.omha.hhs.gov/. If your appeal does not display in AASIS within 3 weeks after you sent it to us, please contact us at 1-855-556-8475.

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Content last reviewed on February 28, 2019