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HHS Deputy Secretary’s Innovation and Investment Summit (DSIIS)

The DSIIS will be a yearlong collaboration between healthcare innovation and investment professionals and HHS personnel who will meet quarterly to discuss the innovation and investment landscape within the healthcare sector, emerging opportunities, and the government’s role in facilitating more investment and accelerated innovation.

View the DSIIS Kickoff Day Report - December 18, 2018

View the DSIIS Meeting 2 Report - April 9, 2019

View the DSIIS Meeting 3 Report - July 8-9, 2019

View the DSIIS FAQs

Why we are here:

Innovation and investment are critical to achieving better health outcomes and managing healthcare costs. Collaboration between HHS and the innovator and investor communities can better realize these outcomes in part by establishing vehicles for communication and information exchange. It is the hope of the DSIIS participants to decrease uncertainty in the investment and innovation landscape by this communication.

How we succeed:

Discuss what a future state of healthcare might look like, a path to that state, and the barriers to achieving that state:

  • What does the optimal future of healthcare look like?
  • Who are the key players now and who might the key players be in the future?
  • What actions need to happen to reach the optimal future?
  • What factors impact the likelihood of these actions taking place and that future being achieved?

What success looks like:

If successful, DSIIS will result in increased transparency and dialogue between HHS and the innovator and investor community that will decrease uncertainty and allow for accelerated innovation and increased investment in healthcare.


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Content last reviewed on March 7, 2019