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Contact Info

All invitations for the Secretary for conferences, events, or meetings must be sent to [email protected]. You may submit your request at any time. Requests for events on a certain date will be reviewed starting eight to ten weeks prior to the event.

Information for Invitations

You can help us process your request by providing as much information as possible in your invitation. For all requests, please include:

  • Name,
  • Mailing address,
  • Phone and email for the event contact person,
  • Specific topic of the meeting,
  • Who will attend the meeting,
  • Dates for the meeting, and
  • Any other information about the meeting that may be helpful to us.

For conferences or events, please include the following details in your request:

  • Date,
  • Time,
  • Location of the event,
  • Topic you would like the Secretary's speech to address,
  • Whether members of the press or media will attend, and
  • Number of people you expect will attend.

Following Up

A letter confirming receipt of your request will be emailed to you. We will confirm or decline requests for the Secretary's attendance at a conference or event approximately one month to six weeks prior to the date of the event.

You should not include the Secretary's name or title in any materials until we confirm the Secretary's attendance. You also should not list the Secretary as "invited" until we confirm the Secretary's attendance.

Content created by Immediate Office of the Secretary (IOS)
Content last reviewed on April 26, 2017