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September 4, 2019
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CDC Overdose Data to Action Funding

State/Territory/City/County Recipient Name Award Amounts
Alabama Alabama Department of Public Health $ 3,718,433
Alaska Alaska Department of Health & Social Services $ 3,633,274
Allegheny County, PA Allegheny County Health Department (PA) $ 5,157,865
Arizona Arizona Department of Health Services $ 5,723,310
Arkansas Arkansas Department of Health $ 3,517,401
Baltimore County, MD Baltimore County Department of Health (MD) $ 2,616,028
Broward County, FL Florida Department of Health in Broward County (FL) $ 3,576,845
California California Department of Public Health $ 5,716,685
Chicago City, IL City of Chicago, Department of Public Health $ 3,301,970
Clark County, NV Southern Nevada Health District (Clark County, NV) $ 2,967,392
Colorado Colorado Dept of Public Health & Environment $ 4,085,898
Connecticut Connecticut Department of Public Health $ 5,948,985
Cuyahoga County, OH Cuyahoga County Board of Health (OH) $ 4,411,596
Delaware Delaware Department of Health and Social Services $ 5,827,830
District of Columbia District of Columbia Department of Health $ 5,926,602
Duval County, FL Florida Department of Health in Duval County $ 4,427,591
Florida Florida Department of Health $ 7,610,184
Franklin County, OH Franklin County Board of Commissioners/Public Health (OH) $ 3,974,855
Georgia Georgia Department of Public Health $ 5,118,298
Hamilton County, OH Hamilton County General Health District (OH) $ 5,311,920
Harris County, TX Harris County Public Health (TX) $ 2,079,506
Hawaii Hawaii State Department of Health-Behavioral Health Administration $ 3,398,294
Idaho Idaho Department of Health and Welfare $ 2,591,377
Illinois Illinois Department of Public Health $ 5,615,555
Indiana Indiana State Department of Health $ 7,153,983
Iowa Iowa Department of Public Health $ 2,686,911
Kansas Kansas Department of Health and Environment $ 3,136,762
Kentucky University of Kentucky Research Foundation $ 7,657,148
Louisiana Louisiana Office of Public Health $ 4,984,910
Maine Maine Department of Health and Human Services $ 4,625,213
Maricopa County, AZ Maricopa County Department of Public Health (AZ) $ 2,688,960
Maryland Maryland Department of Public Health $ 7,214,413
Massachusetts Massachusetts Department of Health $ 7,138,651
Michigan Michigan Department of Health and Human Services $ 7,013,333
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Health $ 3,970,647
Mississippi Mississippi State Department of Health $ 2,756,000
Missouri Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services $ 4,922,875
Montana Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services $ 2,410,752
Nebraska NE Dept of Health and Human Services $ 2,563,404
Nevada Nevada Department of Health and Human Services $ 4,228,798
New Hampshire New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services $ 3,672,978
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Health $ 7,433,765
New Mexico New Mexico Department of Health $ 4,764,005
New York City, New York Fund for Public Health in New York, Inc.(NYC) $ 2,359,358
New York Health Research, Inc. / New York State Department of Health $ 6,251,633
North Carolina North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services $ 7,003,731
Northern Marianna Islands Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (Northern Mariana Islands) $ 1,015,000
Ohio Ohio Department of Health $ 8,698,506
Oklahoma Oklahoma State Department of Health $ 4,191,979
Oregon Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division $ 3,034,987
Palm Beach County, FL Florida Department of Health, Palm Beach County (FL) $ 4,010,923
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Health $ 8,448,267
Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PA) $ 5,865,402
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Department of Health $ 2,436,720
Rhode Island Rhode Island Department of Health $ 4,464,125
Riverside County, CA County of Riverside Department of Public Health (CA) $ 2,353,139
San Diego County, CA County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency $ 2,185,228
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control $ 4,240,372
South Dakota South Dakota Department of Health $ 2,622,603
Tennessee Tennessee Department of Health $ 6,696,197
Utah Utah Department of Health $ 3,831,181
Vermont Vermont State Agency of Human Services $ 3,173,012
Virginia Virginia Department of Health $ 4,626,878
Washington Washington State Department of Health $ 4,390,240
West Virginia WV Department of Health and Human Resources $ 7,357,338
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Health Services $ 5,195,302
Total Award Funding   $ 301,733,323
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Last revised: September 4, 2019

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