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Where can I find healthcare insurance? Are there low cost health care facilities in my area?

The U.S. Department of Human Services administers three free or low-cost health insurance programs:

The Affordable Care Insurance Marketplace provides four basic ways to apply for health coverage through the Marketplace:.

  • Apply online. Visit HealthCare.gov to get started.
  • Apply by phone. Call 1-800-318-2596 to apply for a health insurance plan and enroll over the phone. (TTY: 1-855-889-4325)
  • Apply in person. Visit a trained counselor in your community to get information and apply in person. Find help in your area at LocalHelp.HealthCare.gov.
  • Apply by mail. Complete a paper application and mail it in. You can download the paper application form and instructions from HealthCare.gov.

Medicare insurance is available for people age 65 or older, younger people with disabilities and people with End Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant). For information about Medicare, go to http://www.medicare.gov. On this site you can learn if you are eligible for Medicare.

Medicaid is for certain individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Eligibility and benefits vary considerably from State to State. To find information about Medicaid, go tohttp://www.medicaid.gov.

State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) provides free or low-cost insurance for children in working families, including families with individuals with a variety of immigration statuses. For more information on SCHIP, visit your State's SCHIP website.

There is also a nationwide network of community-based health care centers that provide primary health care services at low or no cost. Find a community health center near you.

Content created by Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA)
Content last reviewed on August 10, 2017