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Read more about Employee Engagement Strategies at HHS
After receiving feedback on 50 project recommendations, we discussed each recommendation and created several documents to help organize and track the work.
Read more about Stay Close to Your Customer
HHS Ignite Accelerator teams are encouraged to conduct 50 interviews of their potential customers over the 3 month period of developing a prototype.
Read more about Purchasing Services from a Crowdsourcing Platform
Crowdsourcing is the process of soliciting ideas, products or services from the 'crowd,' or those external to your organization and its normal suppliers.
Read more about Are Federal Health Initiatives on FHIR?
FHIR has caught the imagination and attention of developers across the Healthcare world by offering a developer-friendly Application Programming Interface (API) and a rich set of simple, but flexible standard data formats.
Read more about Operationalizing Innovation: A Q&A with Jim Macrae
The notion of innovating in government is a cool thing to say and think about these days (I mean we are talking about it so…) But what does that actually mean for leadership and managers seeking to operationalize and spread this vision?
Read more about HHS Ignite Accelerator: How We Chose the Spring 2016 Finalists
In the spirit of transparency and knowledge sharing, we are publishing our methodology for how we selected these projects.
Read more about Trusting Health APIs
As Health goes digital it is essential that we bring trust with us into the digital world. One of the big challenges is to do this without the trust process becoming either intrusive or limiting.
Read more about Risky Business: Balancing Innovation and Uncertainty
In early 2011, I published an article in Science Translational Medicine identifying some of the concrete steps that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) - as the nation's premier biomedical research agency - has taken to encourage, promote, and sustain a culture of innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.
Read more about Seeking Innovative, Ground-Breaking Technology with Open Data
"Open Science is at the heart of what we do at NIH and exemplified by our leadership role in supporting open access to the literature and to data through the Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative. It is important that global funding agencies work collaboratively to illustrate the value of being open, and the Open Science Prize does just that."


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