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Tagged: Health Care Quality

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Read more about Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources & Patient Matching
At the most basic level, patient matching is asking this one question hundreds of times over and over: "Do these two health records refer to the same patient?"
Read more about Challenge Aims to Help You Visually Identify Prescription Pills
You could use your smartphone to take a picture of a mystery pill and almost immediately see what it most likely could be.
Read more about Putting Individuals at the Center of our Health Care System
By making prices and quality information more accessible, providing the right tools to help people navigate the system, and listening to patients, we can help engage and empower people to take control of their health, something that's good for them and good for our communities.
Read more about A Conversation with Charles Ornstein & Thomas Goetz
Our website is a combination of the data that we've collected from more than a hundred thousand consumers on their experience of medication and then the open data that we've extracted, mainly out of the FDA.