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Tagged: HHS Ignite Accelerator

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Read more about HHS Ignite: Science and Happiness Converge
Scientists in public health are typically portrayed in laboratory settings or laboriously crunching data on computers. But public health also finds answers in people as sources of data collection. Last year, the HHS Ignite Accelerator Program (Ignite) Summer 2019 Cohort provided six Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientists the opportunity to pursue happiness through laboratory science and integrated human centered design (HCD).
Read more about Ignite Launches its Sixth Round with a 3 Day Design Sprint
Last week, 13 teams descended on the Hubert Humphrey Building to jumpstart projects addressing important problems or opportunities that affect how the Department ensures the health and well-being of Americans. They are starting their journey in Ignite, the Department's internal innovation startup program for staff that want to improve the way their program, office, or agency works.
Read more about Applying HHS IDEA Lab Principles for Lasting Change
I have been working as a software development project manager at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for seven years. In 2013, I had the good fortune of being part of a project team that was selected for the Ignite Accelerator. Our project involved prototyping and then building an online repository for biomedically-relevant, 3D-printable files, called the NIH 3D Print Exchange.
Read more about HHS Innovators: We Want to Hear Your Ideas for Change Today
The sixth round of the HHS Ignite Accelerator starts in Spring 2017, which means we are now accepting your ideas about how to solve problems at HHS that you care about.
Read more about The Secret to the Perfect Project Pitch: Practice in an Elevator
At the beginning of March, twenty-three teams were selected for the Spring 2016 Ignite Accelerator, the Department's internal innovation startup program that provides coaching and support to help HHS Staff take their big ideas from conception to tested prototype.
Read more about We've Published the Pages of this Round's 23 Projects
Part training, part design sprint, our Boot Camps are a mix of lectures, workshops, and brainpower focused towards figuring out what problem or problems the team want(s) to work on, and how to prototype and test against that problem to learn what works.
Read more about Our 3-Day Boot Camp: Part Training. Part Design Sprint
Each round of Ignite begins with a 3-day Boot Camp. Over the past couple weeks we ran Boot Camps for the 23 teams recently selected into the 5th Round of the Ignite Accelerator.
Read more about An Open Letter to Those Seeking to Test New Ideas in Gov
Expect to feel uncertainty and doubt; embrace them.
Read more about CDC Just Launched Their Own Innovation Discovery Program
We now have a three-stage approach to innovation development, with separate programs focused on the stages of Discovery, Testing, and Scaling.


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