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Tagged: Open Government

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Read more about Connecting Data For Better Insights At The Health Datapalooza
In 2010, a small group of individuals from HHS and the public sector, tech industry, and healthcare systems gathered with a single question in mind: What data is required to understand and improve health outcomes?
Read more about Government as a Platform for Progress: HHS's Open Government Plan
One of the first actions President Obama took after taking office was to direct federal agencies to find new ways to increase transparency, collaboration and public engagement.
Read more about Seeking Public Input on HHS Open Government Plan for 2016-2018
One of the roles that the IDEA Lab and the Office of the Chief Technology Officer perform to serve the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) community, our stakeholders, and the public, is that of a 'virtual village square' to promote.
Read more about HHS is Open
On his first day in office, President Obama announced administration policies to make government serve the American people better through greater transparency, collaboration, and participation.
Read more about Health Datapalooza: New Vistas
Every spring, our team in the HHS IDEA Lab gears up for our biggest event of the year: the Health Datapalooza.
Read more about How Health Datapalooza is Reshaping One Journalist's View
Two years ago, when I attended my first Health Datapalooza, much of the hallway chatter focused on the dearth of data available to help patients and doctors make better health decisions. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services had just started releasing massive data sets, but no one really knew how much data CMS was willing to release or how useful those data sets might really be. Information and tools from private insurers were few and far between.
Read more about A Few Reasons Why Others Attend the Health Datapalooza
One of the secret ingredients to the success of the Health Datapalooza (among others) is the diversity of passionate attendees and the richness and insight they bring to the conversation.
Read more about Something Big is Happening at Health Datapalooza
Health Datapalooza is more than a conference, it's a homecoming of sorts for the people and organizations who led the charge to open up health data for innovation in the open market and public good; almost immediately it became a must-attend learning event and networking opportunity for those navigating the real world implications of using data to improve health and health care.
Read more about Health Datapalooza: How Far We've Come & Why You Can't Miss It
The goal of the Health Datapalooza is to promote the growth of a vibrant health data ecosystem that promotes innovative solutions to the critical challenges that exist in health and health care.
Read more about Public Prize Competitions Spur Innovation in Government
We're excited to announce we've selected fifteen teams to be a part of our March Competes Bootcamp, a two-week virtual program through HHS Competes that provides employees at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) with structured mentorship as they work to develop a prize or competition.


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